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exploring social jusitce

through the arts

At Woke Empowerment we produce social justice themed events that feature comedy, music, poetry and dance. These events tackle topics like gun violence, women's rights and immigration in a way that's fun and thought provoking. These events take place in the under-served communities that need them most.


Our mission

We strive to give a voice to those who wouldn't otherwise have one by providing a safe place for those suffering from social injustice to express themselves and feel heard. Woke Empowerment also bridges the gap between those in power and the people they serve. We seek to bring healing and unity to those suffering from social injustice and

awareness to those in power.


meet the team

Woke Empowerment is the brain child of singer/songwriter Bernadette Barnes she, along with her husband, stand-up comedian Eugene T. Barnes, run Woke Empowerment with the help of their two daughters Zoe and Zora. Zoe acts as the company's CFO (Chief Fun Officer) and Zora, well, she's the boss.


our partners

Woke Empowerment partners with a wide range of organizations including local school boards, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations. Some of our current partners include Hudson Partnership CMO, The Jersey City Housing Authority and Hudson County Community College.


Contact us

We're always looking for partners, sponsors and artist. To get involved just reach out!

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